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What Business Advice can Dev Smith Nguyen offer? 
Supporting clients no matter how small or large to grow and expand their business is one of Dev Smith Nguyen’s biggest passions. With our lawyer team who have acquired extensive experience in the field, Dev Smith Nguyen can provide expert advice on every facet of your business, covering everything from business compliance through to intellectual property advice, legal disputes and liability. Business lawyers at Dev Smith Nguyen can also keep you a company throughout the life cycle of your business, from assisting with formation all the way to making sales of your business, and everything in between, addressing legal and commercial issues in the manner that is relevant and specific to their needs with an affordable budget and ensure that their business transactions go smoothly
We regularly advise company directors on their legal responsibilities in an increasingly complex and heavily regulated corporate environment to ensure that they are well-equipped to protect your business’ interests.

Why Dev Smith Nguyen?

With our motto to deliver outcome-driven solutions, all business lawyers at Dev Smith Nguyen have to ensure the most satisfying outcome to the customers. You share your concerns, your stories to Dev Smith Nguyen then we will do the rest by providing you a paranomic view of your case in the first place and then accompanying by you in every single step of your business journey.

At Dev Smith Nguyen, you are connected with:

  • Connections and recommendations to our company’s lawyers and experts in business and corporate according to your personalized case analysis
  • The highest consideration to the shortest way of conquerring business issues.
  • Perfect-timing responses as Dev Smith Nguyen are well-acknowledged about the value of your time.
  • Extra consultation to potential issues which might arise

Frequently Ask Questions

Yes, as experience lawyers at Dev Smith Nguyen can assist you through all the way, they can help your at initial public offering by delivering advice in the most cost-effective approach an essential procedures

It depends on your request and requirement for the advice services that we can offer you a proper number for this question. However, at Dev Smith Nguyen, affordability and transparency are set with highest priority when taking into accounts legal bills. You will be always informed of the cost to make the best choices.

Yes. All business owners in Australia have to register before commencing any business activities. Besides registering a business name, there are a variety of taxes that your business may need to register such as ABN, GST, TFN, PAYG,…. Business lawyer at Dev Smith Nguyen are experts in all of this field to give you the most thorough guidelines for your smooth and easy business registrations.

Experts at DevSmithNguyen are more than willing to tell you very simply and quickly how we can help you with your legal matter for free to give you an overview about your situation as well as which actions should be taken to address it.

If it’s on working hours, an instant response will be delivered to your email within 6 hours as the latest, after we have a case review according to your provided information. Besides we can also contact you immediately if further information required.

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