Business & Investment Migration

Migration under Business & Investment Visa Program has recently been an emphasis of Australian government due its tremendous benefits to activate a more powerful economy as well as more investment flow for the national development. With encouraging migration policies, it is right time for businessmen and investors who have intentions of operating their business in Australia to take one step ahead.

With our strong team MIA Layers with extensive experience in Business & Investment Migration specifically, DevSmithNguyen promise to give forth for your successful pathway to not only your business career but also your settling life in Australia.

DevSmithNguyen offer you the support in all the possible visa options in Business & Investment Migration Program including:

  • Business Talent Visa 132
  • Business Innovation & Investment Visa 188 (provisional)
  • Business Innovation & Investment Visa 888 (permanent)

Why DevSmithNguyen?

With strong professional ethics, all migration lawyers at DevSmithNguyen are committed to ensure the most satisfying outcome to the customers.

You share your concerns, your stories to DevSmithNguyen then we will do the rest by providing you a paranomic view of your case in the first place and then accompanying by you in every single step of your business & investment migration journey.

At DevSmithNguyen, you are enabled with:

  • Connections and recommendations to our company’s experts in Business & Investment Migration according to your personalized case.
  • Free case analysis conducted by our migration lawyer team
  • The highest consideration to the shortest way of conquerring the long visa application process and approval.
  • Representation on behalf of you to state or national migration authorities
  • Support in document preparation and lodging application of all visa documents
  • Perfect-timing responses as DevSmithNguyen are well-acknowledged about the value of your time.
  • Extra consultation to potential issues which might arise
  • The most updated information and changes in Australian Migration laws.

So upon preparing for your jounery with business and investment migration, do not hesitate to contact us if you might encounter any obstacles. Before being a problem-solving expert, DevSmithNguyen are first a friend and an attentive listener

Frequently Ask Questions

DevSmithNguyen can provide migration assistance service abroad because our expert network spreads around the world. Though geographically not in Australia, our registered migration lawyers (RMA Lawyers) are still subjected to the same Code of Conduct as RMA Lawyers based in Australia.

Yes, MIA Lawyers at DevSmithNguyen acquire extensive experience in preparing EOI according to Department of Home Affairs’criteria, they can provide you with detail guidelines or take the responsibility of completing if as per your profile database given.

Depending on which types of visa you are applying for as well as the current situation of your profile that we can draw out a timeline for the whole process.

Yes, we can give you advice at all stages of your migration process. To name some:

  • Assessing which type of visa will suit you;
  • Determining the likelihood of the application being granted;
  • Assisting you in undergoing necessary tests;
  • Preparing the application on your behalf including any correspondences with governmental authorities;
  • Monitoring your application; and
  • Preparing any appeal on your behalf, should one be necessary.

Upon hearing from you, migration lawyers at DevSmithNguyen will be assigned to analyze your profile and recommend you the most potential business visa possibities. So feel free to contact DevSmithNguyen and express your problems.

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