Commercial Law

Your business is part of your identity, therefore, it is essential that proper legal advices should be acquired to prevent potential disputes or settle them down when they occur over a commercial interest. Might you need a help, DevSmithNguyen are here to understand, accompany and fight for you.

The most common commercial law cases involve a disagreement over money or property as part of a business transaction. Commercial claims are often the most complicated, which is why you need experienced practitioners on your side.

DevSmithNguyen is a common house of all the law experts generally and commercial law professionals specifically who are experts in a wide range of businesses and companies and within a diverse selection of Australian industry segments. Our case portfolio touches all the key matters of commercial law that have annoyed a lot of firms, including:

  • Disputes over Commercial Agreements/ Contracts
  • Corporate or personal insolvency disputes
  • Banking and finance litigation
  • Franchising, Partnership, shareholders or other business disputes
  • Intellectual Property
  • Insurance
  • Conveyancing
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Property & Leasing
  • Sports Law
  • Transport
  • Workplace Relations

Why DevSmithNguyen?
As our motto is to deliver the most satisfying outcome to the customers, every element in DevSmithNguyen’s services is set up at the highest professionalism, result-driven attitudes.
You share your concerns, your headache about Australian commercial law to DevSmithNguyen then we will do the rest to release your pressure as soon as possible.
At DevSmithNguyen, we offer you:

  • Right connections to experts in commercial law field at DevSmithNguyen who have held years of experience to ensure right approaches to your case
  • Substantial experience in each of these resolution techniques, and are also highly experienced in Court work, litigating both small and large commercial disputes
  • A guaranteed advice and consultation no matter how complicated and specialized your case might be, thanks to our broad network of experts and resources from various industries
  • Perfect timing responses as DevSmithNguyen are well-acknowledged about the value of time and money for your business
  • Practical, cost-effective approaches
  • Extra consultation to potential issues which might arise

So do not hesitate to express your troubles to DevSmithNguyen. Before being a problem solving expert, we are an attentive listener.

Frequently Ask Questions

Yes, you can book an appointment in advance via our contact form on website or call us directly via hotline number: +61 8 8482 5564 or email at: contact@devsmithnguyen.com.au. We will contact you in a couple of minutes to confirm your appointment request as soon as possible.

Keeping our customers’information confidential is one of the strongest work ethics at DevSmithNguyen. All lawyers have to strictly obey to the code of conduct which is forced not only by Australian government but also by our company’s regulation. We take all possible actions to protect your data from being leaked out, even a single word without your permission

With our many years of experience, we can anticipate potential problems and pitfalls you may encounter. With this insight, expert commercial lawyers at DevSmithNguyen can personalize a commercial agreement that will accurately reflect your wishes and intentions, no matter what the circumstance. Eventually, we can offer you supports to the extent that you can totally feel peace in mind all the long way afterwards.

Commercial law team at DevSmithNguyen can deal with all types of commercial agreements and transactions such as business sales, joint venture agreements, confidentiality or distribution agreements

Yes, we have an emergency hotline where you can make a phone call. However, DevSmithNguyen recommend that you make it in the working hours for the higher possibilities of instant responses given that lawyers will be off the office after the intense workload of the day

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