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Conveyancing is the process to transfer the rights, title and interest in real estate or a business from the previous owner to the new one. This can be one of the most important transactions you will undertake due to the transaction value itself, so it is important to get experts who you can trust to sail you to safety zone.

At DevSmithNguyen with a team of highly skilled and experienced Registered Conveyancers, we can guide you through the entire conveyancing process. Our Registered Conveyancers are backed by a team of highly skilled commercial lawyers looking after your best interests.

Our extensive scope of assistance includes:

  • Private contracts
  • Discharge of mortgages
  • Change of name registration
  • Transmission of deceased estates
  • Sale conveyancing (selling property)
  • Purchase conveyancing (buying property)

Whatever kind of property or business conveyancing you require, our team of Registered Conveyancers are there to make sure each step in the process is smooth and secure. Best of all are the cost-effectiveness and perfect time frame that conveyancing lawyers at DevSmithNguyen can offer.

Why DevSmithNguyen?

As our motto is to stand for the fair with the most satisfying outcome to the customers, every element in DevSmithNguyen’s services is set up at the highest professionalism, result-driven attitudes.

You share your concerns, your stories to DevSmithNguyen then we will do the rest to release your pressure and share your burdens.

At DevSmithNguyen, we offer you:

  • Right connections to experts in conveyance and commercial law field at DevSmithNguyen who have held years of experience to ensure right approaches to your personalized case
  • The highest consideration for your premium welfare
  • Perfect timing responses as DevSmithNguyen are well-acknowledged about the value of your time.
  • Cost – effective approaches
  • Extra consultation to potential issues which might arise

So do not hesitate to express your troubles. Before being a problem-solving expert, we are first a friend and an attentive listener

Frequently Ask Questions

Yes, we have an emergency hotline where you can make a phone call. However, DevSmithNguyen recommend that you make it in the working hours for the higher possibilities of instant responses given that lawyers will be off the office after the intense workload of the day

As conveyancing can be done by lawyers or conveyancers, only lawyers can give you proper legal advice. To handle the sale of biggest assets, all of the team in charge of conveyancing department at DevSmithNguyen are lawyers, which means we can give you not only conveyancing services but also related legal consultation to make sure of the most peace of mind for customers.

You can check out our real and verified reviews our website. We have one of the highest ratings in the industry and are proud to have helped so many satisfied clients in what can be a stressful and confusing time.

We understand that when selling decision is made, you will want to get your property to market as quickly as possible and delays can make you lose potential possibilities. We can deliver the contract to you digitally within 2 business days after the property searches are returned.

Yes, we can work with estate agents in order to protect your interests on your behalf. When you engage in our conveyancing services, you are safe in the knowledge that you have full legal representation and protection.

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