Making Wills

It is always a good idea to have a will as an advance management of your property. A will does not only have its function as a written document of your wishes and desires, but also as a protection to your loved ones with amazing benefits.

Our legal services include:

Preparing a will is not a headache as you might think. It is just a matter of customising the standard required for a will to your own case. Here is our professional service that we offer to help you make your Wills:

Making Wills Include:

  • Detail legal advice for your cases
  • Assets – What property will be included in your will?
  • How Marriages, Relationships and Wills are related
  • Whether or not we need a Trust
  • Beneficiaries – Who will inherit your property?
  • Executor – Who will handle your estate before distribution?
  • Guardian – Who will raise your children if you have any issue?
  • Debts – How to settle?
  • Will– Drafting, Checking, Editing, Signing, Storing

Update or change your Wills

We discuss the legal factors to ensure the time and effort-saving process, the validity of new documents as well as the revocation of old terms.

making wills

Service Charges

Simple Will

$ 250

Simple Will

$ 500
  • Includes Power of Attorney
  • Includes Advance Care Directive

Complex Will

$ 500
  • Involving Trusts
  • or Mixed Families

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