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If you are under the execution or beneficiary right of an estate will which is being challenged or defended, taking into accounts the Australian laws’ complexity, the experienced lawyer team at DevSmithNguyen are here to support.

Why a Will Dispute Lawyer is needed?
The law that covers Will disputes is complex, and can vary significantly from state to state, therefore, it’s important that you obtain a Will Dispute lawyer with extensive experience to stand on your behalf and sail you through the battle time with pleasant settlements for all the concerned partakers.
With strong professional background about Estate Will & Probate, Lawyers and Solicitors at DevSmithNguyen are committed to fight for your fair rights and entitlements in accordance with the legal commitment and with the harmony of all the involved partners to bring about the most satisfying conclusions.

What to know about Estates Wills & Probates?
Though Will makers have legal rights to decide beneficiaries of their property or possessions in any forms as well as to appoint executors and/or trustees who holds authority to finalize and deal with these assets of the estate after they pass away, laws still have their own force in protecting the one who do not get adequate provisions.

Estates Will Disputes
If you believe you are left out or you receive an unfair estate share, or if you are the spouse, child or financial dependent of the deceased person but no provision is respectively appointed for your support, you are able to claim your rights against the validity of the estate via a Will Dispute/Contest under Australian laws.
DevSmithNguyen can provide you with expert advice on how to bring a challenge from initiation phase to the very final steps, including our analysis about your eligibility to do so as well as the time limits applicable to your claim.
Even the other end circumstances that you are in a defense side of a Will challenge, DevSmithNguyen can accompany by you

Estates Will & Probates
Probate is the process of transferring property legal title from the decreased person to their heirs or beneficiaries. It also refers to the legal document (Grant of Probate) issued by the court to confirm the validation of the Will as well as the administration right of the Will executor to finalize a deceased person’s financial and legal affairs.
With qualified Will Dispute Lawyers, DevSmithNguyen can enable the success of Probates by professional assistance to any matter related to estate administration or Grant of Probate.

What DevSmithNguyen can offer?

Using Will Dispute & Probate consulting services at DevSmithNguyen, you are empowered the access to:

  • Skilled negotiators who can tranquilize disputes without the court’s interference
  • The most professional lawyers with the long portfolio of successful will dispute settlements
  • The secured and satisfied outcome
  • Extra consultation to potential issues which might arise
  • Perfect time management

Frequently Ask Questions

If Will maker failed to name an executor, usually the court needs to appoint someone to administer the estate called an administrator. Often this is the beneficiary with the largest portion of the estate. An administrator has the same responsibilities as the executor after the grant of the Court.

There is no legal obligation for executors to accept the appointment. 
If the person named in the will as executor declines the position, you should very quickly notify the probate court registry accordingly.  DevSmithNguyen can support you all the procedures from informing the court to appointing the new one.

It depends on your request and requirement for the advice services that we can offer you a proper number for this question. However, at DevSmithnguyen, affordability and transparency are set with highest priority when taking into accounts legal bills. You will be always informed of the cost to make the best decisions from a fixed-fee basis

It depends on the situation of the will (The clarity of all the provisions, the available of an executor,…) that we can offer a time estimation for the whole process. However, DevSmithNguyen can ensure you the shortest timeline thanks to our experienced lawyers with close connections to legal procedures.

DevSmithNguyen can recommend you the best-fit lawyers together with their profile and expert field if we have details of your cases. You can make your own decision about who you would like to work with

If you think a Will was not valid due to its being improperly prepared, perhaps under suspicious circumstances or unconsciousness of the Will owner, you have to prove that the Court before Grant of Probate is issued.

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