Five secrets for hiring a family lawyer in Adelaide.

For everyone involved, going through a divorce is definitely a devastating experience. Family splitting apart, home dividing, life adjusting, resettling…and the list goes on. It is easier than ever to feel everything out of control and powerless during this process. Take a deep breath in, re-boost your energy to have a more positive attitude to divorce. Let’s reveal the hidden secrets to see what divorce really is behind what a lawyer says.

1/Your money, your decision, you can completely control the divorce and settlement options yourselves

Unfamiliarity with legal fields generates unconfident feelings, especially when it is about divorce. That is why many people assume that the way family lawyers tell them to proceed with their case is the only pathway they should take. However, it is important that you regain the controlling power of your own issues and acknowledge that you have more than one option to handle your marriage breakdown.

Some lawyer’s desired process is probably best fit to his qualifications and experience, but not to your case, therefore, stay conscious of alternatives for your divorce which can be contested or uncontested property settlement. You can find more about these options in Understanding property settlement following divorce.

2/The circumstances are not as complicated as you might think

Issues piling up,  a lot of adjustments, and changes coming all at once have made you think about the divorce process as a nightmare. However, the truth is not that worse because it is quite a narrow field according to experienced family lawyers in Adelaide. As you struggle to free your own nerves and can’t think about divorce with a welcoming attitude, your happiness is totally stuck. Therefore, if you gather little excitement for better days ahead, you can see the divorce and property settlement process much easier and clearer than you have concerned.

  • South Australia is a no-fault state which doesn’t require you to prove the reason behind your breakdown. Therefore, just demonstrate that you can not get back with each other within 12 months, then your divorce is approved
  • Marital property is shared equitably: Law is fair, don’t worry that you can not get what truly belongs to you. Trust your lawyer to protect your reasonable rights.

Parenting responsibilities will be decided for the best interests of your children: The court will assess you and your partner’s income, your ability to perform parenting as well as other expenses to decide who can raise the kids and how much child support the other spouse needs to contribute.
3/Aggressive lawyer is not all the time the best choice

A lot of people are misled by the importance of having a pit bull family lawyer to their case with the belief that these strongly aggressive solicitors can deliver the fullest protection to your right interests. However, the fact can be totally adverse considering that over-aggression can ruin the entire process, unnecessarily turn the divorce into a battlefield which otherwise should be a collaborative and satisfying way of ending a marriage. A confident, forceful family lawyer is more than important in negotiating for your best interest, but you do not need someone who bullies others, drowns them down as a villain in your life movie.

4/You can always have mediation as the best option
A mediated settlement following divorce under the guidance of a qualified mediation lawyer will help you to save a lot of time, money, and efforts. As a neutral third party, a mediator will accompany the two sides through the divorce and property settlement process in a just and equitable manner to achieve win-win benefits. Shared lawyer fees, a clear pathway and reconciliation strategies to resolve disagreements in a mediated settlement are definitely a favorable approach for any couple.
5/Reducing Legal Costs in Your Divorce Case can be a piece of cake

Legal expenses related to a divorce can be a heavy headache, but you can easily have control over your budget by engaging with tasks taken on by your family lawyer or try online consultation.

Online legal advice platform works well

For any family lawyer in Adelaide, time is money. By booking an appointment online and following an initial consultation, you can still receive the same instructions with dedicated follow-ups by the team to get things completed while the lawyer fee is far much cheaper than conventional advisory service.

If you are looking for that type of online service, check out iLawyer to connect with the most professional family lawyers in Adelaide under a friendly and transparent platform. This is not only an optimized alternative for your legal cost but also for your time budget to achieve expected divorce goals.

Join the sailing crew and control your legal fee budget

Being proactive in your divorce is not the right move if you want to limit your spending on legal fees. You can take practical actions to have things under control.

  • Define your property settlement following divorce options: Knowing your situation will reduce the amount of time your lawyers spend investigating your case. An uncontested and a mediated property settlement are always going to be cheaper than a litigated settlement in which the court involves. The option you and your spouse choose is going to have a drastic impact on your legal fees.
  • Get prepared with documents: A good organization of your documents before sending it to your lawyer to save time. You can sort out according to their contents, for example, property and assets; bank and finance,…
  • Avoid replacing your lawyer: Changing to another family lawyer means that you need to start over the process with another expense program. Therefore, make a wise decision to choose your best solicitor from the beginning.
  • -Don’t fall into low retainer fee scam: Many couples are appealed to good deals of low retainer fee upfront to start the contract without considering the lawyer’s hourly fee as well as their total service hour, not to mention qualifications to fit the divorce case. An experienced lawyer will definitely do a good job but it will not be cheap at first. Therefore, study carefully the lawyer fee projection of your case to have a full grasp of your budget before unconsciously proceeding with the contract.

A responsible family lawyer should be the one who has enough academic and practical qualifications for your special case, navigates you as a professor, resolves disputes as an understanding negotiator, and protects your best interests as a defender.  It is important that you are conscientious with your own issues and your own money if you would like to obtain a responsible family lawyer.

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