How do I change my Will?

A signed Will cannot be altered by any means either by erasing old terms or writing new clauses, unless the new clauses are executed by the testator and witnesses in the same manner as a Will. Depending on the significance of the change that you would like to make, two different approaches are proposed to enable updates to your Will:

  • A Codicil: for such subtle and small amendments as adding or changing beneficiaries/ executors, adding more donations or gifts, a Will maker can use a codicil – a legal form signed by Will makers and witnessed by the same witnesses of the original version to make minor changes or add new clauses.
  • A new will: if it is such a significant change in your circumstances as marriage, divorce, the birth of a child, the death of a partner or death of an executor or beneficiary, it is always recommended to make a whole new will so as to prevent future confusion.

In both cases, it is crucial to get legal support from professional lawyers to ensure the time and effort-saving process, the validity of new documents as well as the revocation of old terms. 

Changing Will
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