How do I make an Advance Care Directive?

An Advance Care Directive (ACD) will help your family and doctors to know what you would want when you are not able to tell them yourself.

You can begin preparing our ACD according to the below instructions:

–       Get started: Think about your own wishes and desires

It is important to know what signify the most and your values at the end of life. At this step, you might:

  • thinking about what kind of care you would like to receive or refuse
  • who you would like to make decisions on your behalf and
  • where you would like to be cared for if you were dying.

–       Talk with your family, friends and health professionals about your decisions

Like a will, you should share with your family about your intention to make it clear to them about treatments you would accept or refuse if you are unwell.

In terms of health professionals, you need to contact them because they will consult you in treatments you can include in ACD according to your health status and make sure that your expression in ACD is literate and comprehensive to doctors

–       Fill in Advance Care Directive form

An Advance Care Directive can be in spoken or written format depending on different states. If it is written, even a simple piece of paper can also be an ACD but it is recommended to have it signed and witnessed to enforce its legal power.

You can download the form which is available on many online platforms, start writing your statements and sign.

–       Keep the signed ACD in a safe but accessible place

After signing your ACD, you should make some copies of the document and file the original ACD in safe deposit box. As locked safe box would not be a nice idea as it won’t be much help if you’re unexpectedly hospitalized, the copies kept by your doctor, your healthcare agent, your lawyers, your friends and family will replace. For the original ACD, you should inform your trusted people the place you keep it in case it is requested by the hospital.

Making an advance care directive, What is an advance care directive?
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