How to talk with your spouse about divorce?

Generating our experience with hundreds of separation cases in Adelaide and across South Australia, Dev Smith Nguyen Lawyers advise you to talk with your spouse about divorce prior to filing. Though some family lawyers recommend keeping your decision in secret, silence can create significant disadvantages and even unfair resolutions for your divorce case.

 Why do you better discuss divorce with your spouse in advance?

Discussing divorce can be uncomfortable, but there comes the ability to determine what type of divorce you want. Filing for divorce without discussing it with your partner, you immediately lose this priority. Just a kind reminder, having an uncontested or mediating divorce can absolutely be only the matter of your choice.

The right time and location setting for your talk is a wise tactic

Picking a comfortable and intimate atmosphere is highly recommended to have the conversation because you might not control your emotions easily and leaking out these moments to the public during this painful discussion is not what you are meant to do.

In terms of timing, it is better if you don’t mention about divorce when your spouse is under an unstable state, either under stress or a hot temper. These vulnerable periods will threaten the possibility of conducting a kind and courteous conversation. Therefore, resist your expressions about a breakup when you or your spouse are angry.

You can plan ahead what you should talk

Divorce is an unpleasant topic to discuss, especially with someone who used to be your whole world. Before bringing up the decision with your spouse, spend time researching related questions such as property division, children matters, home settlement, ..Having some ideas about how you want to proceed with the divorce and property settlement before the talk will make your spouse realize that you are serious about this decision on a healthy communication basis.

What you shouldn’t talk about?

The more sympathy you have in your divorce, the less damage you will do to your children as well as the progress of your divorce. Be careful about what you are going to share and avoid the following details in your conversation:

  • Painful stories that make you give up this relationship
  • Unresolvable disagreements you feel with your spouse about parenting, lifestyles,…
  • Implications that you deserve the better things
  • Your wish for shares of properties

Hire a family lawyer for your breakup

Once you two have made up your mind about heading for a divorce. Go ahead to seek a family lawyer and discuss how you would like the divorce and property settlement to proceed, what your expectations are about parenting, property matters, and other life settlements after divorce. Counseling is not only for healing a relationship, but it is also very effective for breaking-up couples to enable non-adversarial communication during a divorce.

Need help with your divorce decision?

If you are still in a mess with your decision, we are here to listen and walk you through. Write us a note or make a call to get free access to an initial consultation at Dev Smith Nguyen Lawyers.

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