Phuc Vinh Ngo

Director | IT Systems Manager
Dev Smith Nguyen

Qualification(s): Information Technology, MBA 

Phuc is one of the Directors of Dev Smith Nguyen Lawyers. He has qualifications in Information Technology and business managing. Since the age of 23, Phuc has been running business by himself. He graduated in Masters of International Business magna cum laude. 

Phuc comes with a unique background of business ownership in trade and commerce but also with a technical skill set in IT and design.

At Dev Smith Nguyen, Phuc is one of the founding directors and he assists in the day to day operation of the office. He has a particular interest in IT and ensuring our business systems are efficient and that productivity of each staff member is maximised. He regularly travels back to Vietnam to explore markets and build relationship in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In terms of clientele, being an active businessman himself, he is responsible for procuring business/investment clients from Vietnam. He works with those from various backgrounds with a view of setting up business in Australia, buying property or transferring wealth to Australia.

Outside of the law, Phuc is an active member of his local Church community.

Phuc has a desire to ensure that ever client who engages Dev Smith Nguyen is left with a unique experience that they have have been treated well, had lawyers and staff who listened to their legal needs and did the best job they could.

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