Should you replace your existing family lawyer during divorce process?

Though it is not a typical decision during a divorce and property settlement process, changing your family lawyer should be considered under certain circumstances. This is a significant decision, therefore, it is better that you have a dedicated study before terminating the contract with the current expert and moving on with another one.

Totally replacing or just collecting another support from a qualified family lawyer?

Ask yourself this question and think carefully about the reason behind this personnel adjustment. You would like to hire a new family lawyer because either you are not confident with current execution to protect your best interests at the divorce and settlement or his styles of handling issues are far from your expectation? Stay unprejudiced to evaluate your family lawyer since what you don’t want to listen to can be honest recommendations. If he is making a good performance but you are still not satisfied enough; adopting a second opinion from another legal expert is a better approach instead of totally changing to a new one. Having two allies can give you a more fulfilled perspective and you can decide who is better to represent you.

Pros and Cons of changing family lawyer in the middle of your divorce or settlement process

Unexpectedly as it is, making the second choice of your family lawyer can call out disadvantages which are arising expenses of a new service, time consumption, and potential risks of stigmatization. Judges and well-known family lawyers are likely to have negative impressions, even refuse to take on your case if seeing you have passed through various lawyers.

However, under certain situations, a lawyer replacement is a crucial move to achieve your divorce and settlement outcomes. This often occurs when there are repetitive or fundamental disagreements between clients and lawyers or when more regrets than achievements are recorded after taking the existing family lawyer’s strategy. These events often end up in irreconcilable relationships due to disappointments. To this extent, a new selection is a wise approach. Lessons have been learned and you can generate your own experience in choosing the best fit for your case.

When is the right moment to seek for another help?

Once you have made up your mind that you can’t share the same boat with the existing family lawyer because he is not the right person to represent your case to the judge when you stand stiff, it is the high time you look for a new match.

However, you can be incapable of switching to a new lawyer in the week or month prior to a trial or a hearing date or when your divorce or property settlement is in the middle of a sensitive period. It might be better that you inform your decision to your current legal expert when the task is completed and discuss with him about handing over updated status to your new lawyer.

Money issues when changing to a new family lawyer

Finance can be one of the main reasons for any delay in your concluding with a new service. Stay realistic with your budget to find the most efficient option. You can also inquire with them to ask about the expected range of lawyer fees applicable to the current progress of your divorce.

If you need further consultation about a second choice for your divorce or property settlement consulting service, feel no hesitation to have a free connection with Dev Smith Nguyen family lawyers. Entering our network, the chosen lawyer is not your only support, but you have our whole team behind to back you up and cheer you through.

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