Where should I keep my Will

As a valuable document, a will should be kept in a safe place when it is completed. There are some recommended options that you might take:

  • Your own private areas: you can secure the will in your own private accessible areas such as a deposit box
  • Banks, insurance companies, trustee companies: you can ask for the record from these institutions with specific conditions about disclosure of your information.
  • Your executors: Your executor is often the best place to store your will since he/she is someone you trust, no one else needs to know the contents of the will or that it even exists. Your executor should store it in a safe place, such as his or her safe deposit box or personal safe at home.
  • Your property lawyers: if you can find a trustworthy companion such as solicitors, they can offer a secure place to keep your will intact. They might file your document in the state register managed by State Law Society which you may ask for the location of the will for further reference.
  • Digital Archive Platforms: There are companies offering online storage of your documents and personal information, even your password. Such online archives may be a good place for your executor to save your will, however, you should be careful in case a probate court may not accept a printed copy, but the original ones.

There must be various ways of having your will kept safe and sound, however, in the end, you should choose someone you can lay your trust in with the lowest risk of potential loss or information leaking.

Where Should to keep Will, Keeping Testament
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