Why is a Will of great importance

It is always a better idea to have a will as an advance management of your property. A will does not only have its function as a written document of your wishes and desires, but also as a protection to your beloved people with amazing benefits as below:

       First, for your own sakes, a will can:

  • Ensure the legal power of your words, enable a guarantee to your desires, make sure that your estate end up on the right hands or in the hands of someone you intend that they deserve.
  • Give control over your properties, which prevents potential disputes, arguments and unexpected distribution. For example, you can disinherit individuals who may otherwise inherit your estate if you die in the absence of a will such as your ex-spouse with whom you had a bitter divorce.
  • Enable a peace of mind when everything is in its order – not only the settlements of your kids, your pet (who will raise them, who will be the guardian…) but also your funeral (where the ceremony takes place, the expenses,…)
  • Second, for the sake of your spouse, children and family, a will can:
  • Make sure that heirs and beneficiaries get what they are given
  • Secure the custody of your kids when you are away. Though you might assume that your spouse or your chosen guardian will automatically take care of your kids, the truth might be a far discrepancy when nasty court battles over custody often ensue when a parent dies, causing costs and hurts to your family.
  • Shorten probate process: If you die without a will (known as dying “intestate”), your family might be required to make an application of asset administrator to the court to initiate asset distribution or the court will decide how to divide estate with no reference to your wish, which can cause unnecessary delays and extra court fees.

Easy as it is to complete a will, this simple document empowers amazing advantages. Might you have any doubts or questions about will and probate laws, feel free to contact Dev Smith Nguyen. Here we are to listen, accompany and be your friends.

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